The Prayer Angel

The creation of the world’s first angel photo holder.

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Prayer Angel Story

The idea for the Prayer Angel began with Holly’s parents, who save greeting cards they receive throughout the year. They give new life to these beautiful cards by choosing one card per day and praying for the sender throughout the day. We loved the idea and adopted the tradition ourselves. Unfortunately, we did not have a place to easily display the cards, and they were constantly tipping over!

At the time, Ben was creating metal figurines out of nails and washers to give as gifts to family and friends. He created one for Holly of a person kneeling with hands together in prayer with a space to hold cards. We began placing a card in the hands of the figurine each day. This gave us the opportunity to focus on one friend or family member and allowed us to enjoy those beautiful and heart-felt cards a second time.

Ben made a second figurine for Holly’s parents, and soon after we were getting requests from others who saw the figurine and loved the idea of keeping family and friends in their thoughts and prayers. That is when we were inspired to create the simple and elegant white porcelain angel, which adapts to whatever or whomever it is embracing.

We soon realized that more than a greeting card could be placed in the Prayer Angel’s embrace. The Prayer Angel serves as a constant inspirational and visual reminder for prayer by holding photos, memorial cards, inspirational cards, and other items you wish to memorialize and hold dear.

We truly believe our Prayer Angel will be a source of inspiration in your daily life.

– Holly and Ben Torrens